Shallow Water 2, 40″x 40″
Morse Mountain 1, 40″x 40″
Slip Away, 36″x 36″
Mt Batty, 40″x 40″
Russian Ridge, 40″x 40″
Afternoon sun, 30″x40″
New Day, 40″x40″
On the Dock, 36″x20″
Cooling off, 36″x36″
Drift, 36″x48″ SOLD
Scorpio, 48″x36″ SOLD
Breaking Point, 40″x40″
Dream, 30″x40″
Edge 2, 36″x48″
Edge, 36″x48″
Restless B
Afternoon, 48″x36″
Cannonball 2, 24″x48″
Burnt Sienna, 48″x36″ SOLD
Purple Haze, 48″x36″
By a Thread, 48″x36″ SOLD
Swimmers 6, 36″x36″
Swimmers 7, 30″x40″
Tango, 36″x36″
Shake, 36″x36″ SOLD
Orange Sea, 48″x30″ SOLD
Wave, 36″x48″ SOLD
Orange Ice, SOLD
In the Moment, 36″x48″ SOLD
Shallow Water, 36″x48″
Let Go, 36″x36″
Dark Water, 36″x36″
Flying, 36″x36″ SOLD
Joy 2, 36″x36″
Like a Cannonball, 36″x36″ SOLD
Semuch, 36″x48″ 1 SOLD
Skinny Dip, SOLD
Secret Place, 36″x48″, oil on canvas 2014 SOLD
Swimmer on Back, 36″x48″ oil on canvas 2014 SOLD
Self Portrait, 40″x40″
My Love 2, 36″x36″
Untitled, 48″x36″ SOLD
Untitled 2, 30″x40″
Ghost, 48″x24″
Blue, 48″x36″ SOLD
Tortola, 48″x36″
Swimmers 2, 36″x36″ oil SOLD
Storm, 36″x36″ acrylic SOLD
St George 1, 36″x36″ SOLD
Dandelions, 48″x36″
Bubbles 2, 36″x48″
Sea Point, 84″x42″ commissioned for ″Roberts Maine Grill″ in Kittery Maine
Joy, 30″x30″
Fish, 40″x48″ SOLD
The Other Side, 40″x48″
Pansies, 36″x40″
Cowgirls, 30″x40″
October, 36″x36″ SOLD
Red Tide, 36″x40″ SOLD