Britta von Saltza-Bruce
Studio: 615 Congress St., Portland, Me, Suite 302
Phone: (207)615-4441

I have always liked the seductive, playful quality of wet paint, vibrant color, dramatic light and dark contrast, and all the wonderful effects possible through the act of painting. Working expressively, with a very physical application of paint, layering, and big, loose brushwork, I work to capture and convey feeling and emotion, in large, figurative work. Combining my current state of mind; a little humor and imagination; evocative photos and memories of people and places; I work to reconstruct these images onto canvas.

For over 20 years, I have been living in Maine, with the striking, rugged coastline; beautiful lakes and quarries; and wonderful woods and trails; always a limitless source of inspiration for my painting, which I continue to explore in my State Street Theatre studio, in downtown Portland, Maine.


Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, Massachusetts
The Boston Museum School, in Boston, Massachusetts
University of Southern Maine, Portland, Maine


Portland Art Gallery, Middle Street, Portland, Maine, two person show in March 2018
Portland Art Gallery, Middle Street, Portland, Maine, 18 artist Figurative Show, 1/2018
3Fish Gallery, Cumberland Ave, Portland, Maine, Solo show, October 2017
3Fish Gallery “Water/Woods” exhibit, Cumberland Avenue, Portland, Maine, 2016
“SISU” studio, studio/gallery for 4 years, 79A Ocean St., South Portland, Maine
Chocolate Church, Bath, Maine, group show “Maine Woods Show”, 2014
“SIRENS” studio/gallery, co-owner of studio/gallery for 3 years, Pleasant St.,Portland, Me
Diamond Cove Art Gallery on Great Diamond Island – Summer 2008, 2009
Thomas Moser Gallery group show, Freeport, Maine – 2009-2010
Roberts Maine Grill, Kittery – 4’ x 7’ commissioned painting
The Clown Gallery, Stonington, Maine – 2008 - 2010
The Danforth Inn, Portland, Maine – 2009 – Present
Coffee by Design, Solo show, India Street, Portland, Maine - 2002
The Personal Book Store, group show, Thomaston, Maine - 2010
Thomas Memorial Library, Cape Elizabeth, Maine - 2001

Private commissioned work for art collectors throughout the United States.

home paintings